A teaching and training series on person-to-person EVANGELISM presented by Keith Wilson (BTh/Grad.Theo)

Zoom conference with three Tuesday nights.
Sessions commencing August 25th 7pm-9pm. There is no cost for this course, however registration is essential via the box at the bottom of this page (and in order to receive the Zoom invite)

About the Presenter:  Keith is a former school teacher who also served as a missionary in Papua New Guinea.  Since April 2005 Keith has had the goal of loving someone with the Good News on a daily basis.  He has taught Evangelism in Newcastle, Bundaberg and at Tahlee Bible College.  The course comes from the Scriptures and from personal experience in the market place.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit it is possible to share without fear.

About the Course: The course comes from the scriptures, from personal experience in the marketplace and rom the empowering of the Holy Spirit so that the Gospel can be shared without fear.

Jesus said that scattered seed which lands on good soil will produce a crop.  He is looking for more workers.