22nd of March 2020

God’s Plan
1 Samuel 16:1-13
Often, God’s plan for us exists in that place just beyond the horizon, the place out of our direct line of sight and most importantly beyond our control.

15th of March 2020

Trust God
Exodus 17:1-7
How many trials and how much suffering do we need to go through, before we will truely turn to God?

8th of March 2020

Rejoice in the Lord
Habakkuk 3
Keith Wilson shares on the final chapter of Habakkuk.

1st of March 2020

Why God, Why?
Habakkuk 1:12-2:20
If you have cried out Why, God Why? You are not alone. For the atheist it is a rare moment of humility. For the media it is recognition that God is not dead. And for us, it is a perfectly valid, it is a natural and normal way to respond to times of great difficulty, of suffering and trouble.

23rd of February 2020

Unbelievable Justice
Habakkuk 1:1-11

16th of February 2020

Matthew 5:21-37
Bishop Peter shares a powerful message on living Jesus’ way.

9th of February 2020

Be Effective
Matthew 5:13-20 – Christ calls us to be more than a Christian, he calls us to be effective Christians. Effective in our growing obedience to his ways, effective in setting an example to others and effective at being a disciple making disciple.

2nd of February 2020

Live for Jesus
Matthew 5:1-12 – If we want to follow Jesus & live for God we must do what is strange to the world.

19th of January 2020

Come and See (Epiphany 2)
John 1:29-42 – Come and see the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

25th of December 2019

Christmas Message
Luke 2:1-20 – Christmas Blessing by Pastor Michael

22nd of December 2019

Marry Me? (Advent 4)
Matthew 1:18-25 – Joseph sacrificed what was he deserved for what Mary needed, and as followers of Christ we also sacrifice what we deserve, what may be rightfully and legally ours for the needs of others.

15th of December 2019

The Doubting Baptist (Advent 3)
Matthew 11:2-11 – A Gospel message for the second Sunday in Advent. (Rev’d Stephen Shrubb)

(Apologies, recording failed for this message)

John the Baptist (Advent 2)
Matthew 3:1-12 – John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus.

1st of December 2019

Love Big (Advent 1)
Romans 13:9-14 – Love does not replace or override the commandments. Love is a summary of the commandments and to love others is to apply the commandments for their benefit, in the same way we apply them to ourselves.

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