Wickedness widespread under the sun…
Is anyone truly righteous and just?

The teacher sees wickedness and beastliness as qualities which pervade our world. He therefore questions whether anyone is truly righteous and just. Ultimately pondering what consequences exist for our hearts greatest desire: a good life which continues into eternity. Surely there will be a just punishment for the wicked and beastly behaviours we see all around us?

Whilst each of us may impact this world by our own wickedness and beatliness to varying degrees, we all deserve a guilty sentence before our creator. Yet as we consider the teacher’s observations in light of the gospel we must conclude the following: we as sinners are destined for an eternity in the goodness of God, for in Christ we are rescued from our own wickedness and beastliness.

What is the desire of our hearts?
What is the reality of life?
What is the time of judgement?
What is the destiny of mankind?


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